Friday, September 16, 2011

Going to Spain in December

Mission accomplished again! We had been planning to book a trip to Spain since two weeks ago. After a final decision, I finally booked today our trip to Spain. There are a lot of interesting places that are included in the trip. The plane ticket, 4-star hotel, breakfast, dinner, tour guide and sightseeing to different places are also included in that 8-day trip.

It is always nice to see different places in the world. I am quite happy that despite being jobless, I still always have the chance to visit places. Thanks to all my donors and! Talking about rv financing, why not if I can only afford it. Driving an rv anywhere in Europe for adventure and sightseeing is quite interesting. I will see if I will win the lottery next week. I will surely buy one... wink! Somebody's dreaming in the middle of the day.

Enjoy your weekend folks!


Ian | Going Places said...

wow 8 days in Spain... that is awesome, enjoy!

vaibhav said...

Thanks For the useful information please share more information with us because i also want to go visit that place so i think so that information will help me.


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