Friday, September 30, 2011

Sights Not to Miss When Visiting Dresden, Germany

Dresden is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony (Freistaat Sachsen), Germany. Due to its rococo and baroque architecture, the city center is called as a Jewel Box. There are a lot of things not to miss when visiting this city.


It is also called as the Church of Our Lady, it is considered to be the main historical heart of the city. It was completely destroyed during WWII, and has now been reopened. The City of Coventry, which was raided by the Allied Air Force in WWII, donated the golden cross for the dome of the church.

The historical Frauenkirche in Dresden. such an amazing architecture! taken during our trip last May 2011.

Zwinger Palace

This is the most perfect example of Late Baroque architecture in Germany. It was built in 1710-28 by the architect Pöppelmann in cooperation with the sculptor Permoser. It features a nympheum, many sculptures of Permoser, a bell pavilion and famous art collections. Don't miss to visit the "Rüstkammer" and the "Alte Meister" in Zwinger Palace.

Semper Opera House

Considered to be the most famous opera house in Germany; it houses the Saxon State Orchestra, one of the world's oldest and best-known orchestras. It was Built by Gottfried Semper between 1838 and 1841.

The Semper Opera House. Taken during our visit last May 2011.

Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes)

This is the biggest porcelain painting of the world that shows almost all Saxon princesses and kings on their horses and splendid parade uniforms. This is also the location of a very romantic Christmas market with a big fireplace held every winter time.

It leads to the "Stallhof" - the last preserved tournament place contained in a European castle.

The Albertinum Museum, New Synagogue, Elbe Valley, Dresden Baroque Quarter, Royal Palace are only some of the other interesting sights in Dresden.

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