Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally Got My Travel Books

While browsing online looking for Energy speaker seller, I ended searching another thing. I saw this book in a friend's house some weeks ago. I borrowed it from her because as I was scanning its pages, I found a lot of interesting places to visit. Finally last Monday evening while browsing online in, I found this travel book. Sad to say, it is not available at the moment. I browsed another site and found the same book. I ordered it immediately. Today, the 501 Must-visit Destinations travel book was finally delivered to our home. It is a hard-cover and I found out that its original cost is 25.00 Sterling pounds. I bought it for 12.95 Euros and shipping was free of charge. I am quite happy with this book. It will give me more ideas of an interesting travel destinations especially in Europe.


Marites said...

i've seen that book in National Bookstore sometime ago and browse through it. lingaw na siya basahon gayud:)


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