Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Market in Regensburg, Germany

Now is the time for Christmas markets in Germany and in some other places in the world. I have been to some Christmas markets in Europe and I always love it. This year, I visited some of these markets in Germany and yes in Madrid, Spain also.

It was my second time to visit the Christmas market in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany last Dec. 20, 2011. It is not so big compared to the one in Nuremberg but it is fine. Visiting have fun visiting it to. As usual you can find a lot of Christmas decors and ornaments, handmade items, toys, books, nutcrackers, variety of German foods and many others in any Christmas markets in Europe.

It is always good to see and to experience the custom and tradition of a certain place or country.

the Christmas Market in Regensburg, Germany during our visit last Dec. 20, 2011. You can see the towers of St. Peter's Cathedral in the background.

Christmas decors in one of the stalls in Regensburg.



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