Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Town Hall of Birmingham, England

Thanks to the invention of digital camera where we can always easily retrieve and share photos online. I am also happy to share some travel photos with you through this blog. It been over three years now since I visited England. One of the cities where my friend showed me was Birmingham. This city is considered to the populous city in England.

What I have below is an image of Birmingham Town Hall. You might be wondering why it is lighted. It is because Christmas is almost approaching during my visit there last 2008. In fact they also a Christmas market located very near to this building.

The Town Hall is located near Victoria Square. Aside from being use as a concert hall, it is also now used as the venue for Graduation Ceremonies of Aston University every year.

The lighted Birmingham Town Hall during our visit last November 2008. You can see the embedded date in my image here.



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