Saturday, February 18, 2012

FC Nuernburg Won Against FC Cologne

Time is running fast now. We are now in the third weekend of February and someone is quite excited already. I am quite busy with a lot of things and need to do it before I go somewhere again. I have three weeks left to do and to finish my backlog and other jobs both online and offline.

Sometimes I have to take a break with my busyness. That is the reason why I watched the play between FC Nuernberg and FC Cologne this afternoon. I believed you are familiar with German football which they called Fussball. FC Cologne lost against FC Nuernberg with a score of 2:1. I don't know whose team is leading the game now but I know for sure that whoever will win over-all in this game will garner some sport trophies and other prizes. Don't you know that millions of Germans are football fanatics? It is already a part of their culture and being a citizen of this country now, I am also becoming a football fan. And my team is FC Barcelona! I guess I am unfair but I love Lionel Messi! More Europe sports update in the future.



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