Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ibiza’s Relaxed Hotspots

There have been many, many words written about Ibiza’s party scene, and recently, just as many about the other side of Ibiza. But if the latter is what appeals to you, where the best places to stay are and what can you expect when on holidays to Ibiza?

Sandy Puerto San Miguel

If it is tranquillity you are after, you could do a lot worse than heading to Puerto San Miguel and its secluded beach. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and steep hills which are perfect for walking if you want to get a bit active on cheap Ibiza holidays. The steep cliffs that surround the beach make the water very still and safe to swim in, perfect for families with young children or unconfident swimmers.

Self Contained Cala Llonga

Approximately 10km north of Ibiza Town sits the secluded and self contained resort of Cala Llonga, which from humble beginnings as a small fishing village has quickly become a family friendly resort that is shielded from the shenanigans that goes on in the islands most lively resorts. Of course, if you want to experience the high life for a night or two, you are perfectly placed to do so, but if not, just lay back and let all of your worries float away!

Ibiza, Spain. photo by Nextlevels.

Rugged Santa Eulària

Not all of Ibiza is golden beach. The town of Santa Eularia is distinguishable thanks to Puig de Missa, the imposing hill behind the resort which dominates the skyline and provides the visitor with an idea of the sort of holiday to expect here. On top sits the Church of our Lady of Jesus which is lit up at night and provides quite a view. There are restaurants (in fact Calle San Vicente is a street full of nothing but restaurants), bars – not over-the-top bars that are common elsewhere on the island, mind – and a lovely street which runs right down to the waters edge. The beach is still the focal point though, which will not doubt please sun worshippers.

Ibiza deserves it reputation as a party capital. But like most other places in the region, it has a lot more to offer than just the 18-30 type cheap holidays. If you want a relaxing destination, consider what Ibiza can offer before you dismiss it out of hand. You will not be disappointed.



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