Friday, March 30, 2012

Watching TFC Channel in Madrid

This would probably one thing I will miss when I will leave Spain. I am already used to watch TFC channel in the apartment that I am staying in this city. TFC is a Filipino Television channel located worldwide. I like watching these so-called Teleserye in Filipino which are also known as soap operas. I don't have a TFC channel in Germany and I will find a way to watch it. I just remember that I can also watch it online.

This is the advantage of our modern technology now. With the advent of computers and internet, you can already watch news, movies, shows and entertainment online. If you are familiar or know what is hdmi, you can watch movies from the internet by connecting the hdmi cable to your bigger LED Television. I don't have to worry about TFC because I can also watch it online back at home in Germany.



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