Friday, April 13, 2012

Europe Travel in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

You love pampering yourself in a spa massage? I believed Karlovy Vary is a perfect place for you to go. Called as Carlsbad in English and Karlsbad in German, this spa city is located in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. We had a short sightseeing in this city after our trip and pottery shopping at Boleslawiec, Poland.

Since it was autumn season when we visited Carlsbad, the weather was quite cold that time. We have to wear winter clothes or else we will be frozen.

The city was founded by the Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1370 and that is how it got its name. Karlovy Vary is historically famous for its hot springs. This is one of the main reasons why this city is visited by international celebrities, for spa treatment. Another reason is to attend the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. I miss to taste the popular Czech liqueur, Karlovarská Becherovka.

The Sadova colonnade. Karlovy Vary. Czech republic. I was glad to visit this city even just for some hours. We were there last October 2011.

It is historically famous for its hot springs (13 main springs, about 300 smaller springs, and the warm-water Teplá River).


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Did you have time to enjoy the hot springs?


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