Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spanish Delights

I thought I can go for a diet when I was in Spain recently. Sad to say, I did not have the chance for a right diet. In contrary, I was eating a lot of Spanish and Filipino foods. Thus, I gained weight instead of losing it. One of my favorite was paella. It taste really good especially the one with seafood in it.

During my first trip in Spain last year, I remember, our bus stopped somewhere on our way to Cordova in a store. I called Spanish delights the ones you see in my photo here. It seems that it reminded me of the Turkish Delights during our vacation in Turkey the same year. Sad to say, I did not have enough space on my luggage, that is why I only bought a little.

I am off now to look now for syntheroid reviews. I am trying to find one for an important article. I wish everyone a wonderful week in advance!



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