Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel, Career or Family

Sometimes there are just some things that are very difficult to decide. For example if you want to work abroad but can't decide it because you cannot leave your family or husband alone at home. Other situation like you want to bear children but cannot also decide with it because you still want to travel and see places.

There are some friends and acquaintances who want to travel with me but because of having children to take care of, they just can't leave home alone. I also want to wear maternity clothes and wish to have children in a year or two. For now, I just want to travel and explore the globe when finances are possible. Sometimes travel, career and family can also go together but it depends on your situation and also considering your time and money.

Sometimes and maybe most of the times, we also have to consider our priorities. If you want to prioritize on your career, why not? If you have time and money and want to travel, you can also do it anytime and anywhere. And having and raising a family, this is for me the most important one and I hope that my wishes will be granted in a year or two.

These are only my personal views and I hope that one of these days, all of these will synchronize and harmonize and will be granted at the right time especially raising my own children.


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Life is the adventure you make it.


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