Monday, April 16, 2012

The Traveling Jobless

It is always nice to travel and to see places especially in Europe when financial aspect is only present all the time. Sad to say, I am jobless and I cannot travel anytime I want. I sometimes called myself, the "travelling jobless" because despite being unemployed I can still do a lot of travels and trips in a year. A lot of friends have been asking how do I do it.

Before I answer this question, I need to fill-up first the sears application form to apply for a job. Sad to say, hubby won't allow me now to work outside of Germany. It simply means that I need to find job in this country to finance my travel. And the secret of being a "jobless traveller", I will let you know once I have the time to share it here.

For now, let me just share this image taken in Vienna, Austria during my last visit in August 2011. This is the St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna.


Gracie said...

hmm interesting sis, share mo nga saken hehe ng makapagresign na ako sa stressful na job ko now na di naman related sa education ko, gusto ko ring makapagtravel para makapag unwind naman.. stressing talaga. sensya kana sa cooment ko, salamat din sa pagdalaw dun sa blog ko. ingats sa mga adventures mo hehe, hugs


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