Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Walking Around Buen Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain

It was one sunny afternoon when I decided to go walking in Madrid. From Plaza de Manuel Becerra , I just walked going to Buen Retiro Park. It is only around 2.5 kilometers from my departure point. I took me around 25 minutes to walk including the photo stops I made in between especially when I see interesting monuments and buildings along the streets to Buen Retiro Park. It is also the largest park in the city of Madrid.

I did enjoyed my walk in this park which literally means "Gardens" or "Park of the Pleasant Retreat".

The Monument to King Alfonso XII is located in Buen Retiro Park (El Retiro), Madrid, Spain. The monument is situated on the east edge of an artificial lake near the center of the park. The monument is 30 meters high, 86 meters long, and 58 meters wide I took this image during my visit last March 16, 2012.

The Buen Retiro Park is a large and popular 1.4 km2 (350 acres) park at the edge of the city center, very close to the Puerta de Alcalá and not far from the Prado Museum. A magnificent park, filled with beautiful sculpture and monuments, galleries, a peaceful lake and host to a variety of events, it is one of Madrid's premier attractions. The park is entirely surrounded by the present-day city.



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