Sunday, April 22, 2012

Watching The Sunset in Sarimrakli, Turkey

It was a nice afternoon as arrived in our hotel in Sarimsakli, Turkey. The weather was friendly with a temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius. We stayed in Berk hotel and resorts which is some meters away from the beach. We took the chance to go a bit walking on the beach while watching the beauty of the sunset. It was so far a wonderful afternoon.

The sun setting in Sarimsakli. The beach in Sarimsakli, Turkey.

The beach in Sarimsakli, Turkey while watching the beauty of nature, the sunset.

Sarimsakli is a town in the Ayvalik District of Balikesir Province in Western Turkey, Turkey. The town's name means "land of garlic" in reference to the region's considerable production of the Alliaceae plant.



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