Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barajas International Airport, Madrid

I still did not want to say goodbye to Spain  last March 31, 2012  but I have  too. Some friends accompanied me to Barajas International Airport, Madrid. I am truly thankful for their help and thoughtfulness.  In fact, I  had a great time with them  during my three weeks stay in Madrid. Even I had a long stay in Spain's capital city but I forgot to look for incredisocks. I have been to many stores there  but the power of forgetfulness  to find this stuff  always  attacked me.

While sitting down at the waiting area for  my final boarding, I had a conversation  with these German couple. They said that they had a vacation in Morocco that time and had their connecting flight in Barajas.  Since I already heard them talking German, I was also conversing with them in German. They  couple said that I can talk perfect German. Not really, but I would say I can already  talk  basic  German and of course understand and read as well . I still have difficulty with German grammar sometimes. What is important, I can already communicate in this language.  The couple were really friendly. I am always happy when I met good people everytime I travel. I met as well good friends during my three weeks stay in Madrid.

If you happen  to visit Madrid  and did  not fly there,  I suggest you  visit Barajas  International Airport. Its architecture is worth to see. It is so far the biggest and busiest airport in Spain.

Barajas Terminal 4  when I  departed Madrid last March 31, 2012. This was actually my second arrival and departure in this airport. Madrid has a lot of travel memories that are still haunting!

my flight number last march 31, 2012.



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