Friday, May 4, 2012

It Was Cloudy in London, UK

What do you expect when you visit during Autumn or Fall season? Be prepared with visiting London during this time. For sure, it will be a cold rainy weather.  I first visited  this city last autumn  2008. It is almost four years  now and I hope to visit it again in the future.  I have seen some of  its sights  but not really explored everything. London, the capital city of both England and United Kingdom is a huge city. There are a lot of  sights to see and to experience  and a day or two is not enough to explore everything.

I might have the chance to visit it again because I auditioned as a Samsung Global Blogger. I hope and  pray to win this contest so that I can visit London Olympics for free.  Please support me by watching my video and liking it   in Facebook.  You can click the video HERE. Thanks in advance and I truly appreciate all your time and effort.

One of London's famous landmark, the London Eye. You can also see the Westminster Palace or the Parliament Building.  I miss cruising Thames River.. What can do you when you only visit it for two days.

London is a must-to-see when visiting Europe. I  was happy to be  there and hope to go back again in the future...maybe soon!



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