Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I Love in Germany

Almost nine years of living in this country now, I consider Germany as my second home. I love it here and there are a lot of things that made me fall in love with this beautiful European country.

First and foremost, I found my other half in this country. The most wonderful, loving and responsible person I ever met. I am thankful for having him in my life.

I love German food- I guess most men would say that they love  German beer but I would say I love German food. I can't imagine the first year I came here and I only weight 53 kilos. Its all the fault of the good German foods that made me weight now over 70 kilos. Quite a sad part of me and  I hope to bring back my previous weight.

Among my favorites are Schweinebraten (oven-baked pork, Leberkase, bratwurst, Sauerbraten with potato dumplings (Klöße) and more.

I love the nature around- I live in Bavarian region and I always love it here. The forests, hills, mountains, rivers and lakes, these are perfect for me since I really love nature. Germany is also a very clean country compared to other European countries I visited in the past.

My favorite German pastries on a wedding.

I love Brezen or pretzels and all of German pastries and breads. Another reason why I love this country. I can't say now when somebody will offer me German cakes and pastries. It really taste so good and not too sweet.

The historical sites, monuments, statues, castles and palaces and old cities in Germany are simply gorgeous. I always love history and whatever things or places that  represent  or speak about it, will truly bring interest to me.

The famous Fairytale castle of King Ludwig II of  Bavaria, the Neuschwanstein Castle.
I love German festivals.  If you say Volksfest, Dultfest, Fasching,  and the world's famous Oktoberfest in the Bavarian capital of  Munich, you will truly say that Germany is a festival country.  Germans love to party and have fun.
Oktoberfest in Munich. I was there!
Since my almost nine years of living here, I already understand the people, the culture and many things that made me embraced and loved this country.

If you are planning to visit Germany in the future, be sure to plan it ahead. Don't forget,  there are always cheap Flights to Germany. Among the affordable carriers are Ryanair, Air Berlin, Easyjet, German wings and more.

The Old City of Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany.
For sure you will really say that this country is beautiful. Let me know if you are coming. I might be your tour guide.



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