Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinay-German Travel Blogger Hoping To Visit U.S.A. Again

I was exchanging conversation with a friend in facebook awhile ago. She mentioned that she wants to go back to Europe if her husband's work contract will end in March 2013. She is not sure if her husband will be assigned to Europe again. If not, their next assignment might be in Hawaii. She is already inviting me to visit them in this island if ever they will be assigned there. I told her when monetary matters allows, I will surely visit them. This is one nice thing if you have good friends around the world. She also told me that I will let her know once I am visiting Las Vegas again. She would love to see me there also! That is quite a great idea!

A quick sightseeing in Luxor Las Vegas before I flew  back  to Europe last 2008. I miss Las Vegas!
It seems that the travel blogger is planning to go gallivanting on the other side of the world again! God's willing and I believed that this wish will be granted again by our Good Lord.

Where I had a stop-over during my  flight to the U.S.A.
I remember my first visit to the Unites States of America four years ago. I boarded for the first time one of those Delta Air Lines flights to Las Vegas MCCarran International airport. It was quite a long trip from Munich International Airport but it was all worth it. I remember having some hours stop-over in Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport that time. Thanks to my dear sister who paid for my cheap round-trip ticket to the U.S.

I am hoping to visit U.S.A. again this summer. My sister asked me last week if I already start finding cheap airline tickets for my next visit there. This time I want to board another airline and wish to board in one of the American Airlines flights to Las Vegas, Nevada.

At The Museum in McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas while waiting for my flight.
This is the advantage of our modern technology at present. With the help of computers and internet we can already find affordable flights to all corners of the planet. It is really an advantage for a travel blogger like me.

Las Vegas at night. I miss walking around the city and seeing the beauty of lights. From right, you can see  the Eiffel Tower of Paris Hotel, Planet Hollywood (back of Eiffel Tower) and  Bally's.
Lastly, I am hoping that this second trip to the United States will come true again. I am also praying that my youngest sister, whose interview and medical for a U.S. visa will be granted soon. She is the reason why I am going back to the U.S., to attend her wedding ceremony and once again to see my other sister who currently lives in the so called "Entertainment Capital of the World", the fabulous city of Las Vegas!

See you soon again U.S.A.!



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