Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spring Trip To Cannes, France

It was indeed a memorable trip we had to Cannes, France last spring 2011. Together with some friends, I truly enjoyed our trip there. I love this city which is very famous for its International Film Festival held in May annually. Sad to say, I haven't witness it  because it was April when we went there.

From our hotel in Pietra Ligure, Italy, our bus needed over two hours to reach Cannes including some stop-overs on the road. I did not get bored while in the bus because the views along the seaside were really amazing.

Cannes has always been a dream travel  destination of many. I believed I am very lucky to be there once in my life. I  always wanted to go back there again in the future. Here are some images I took from Cannes during our trip last April 2011.

The view of the Old Town with the castle on top of the hill.
The Port of Cannes. I was there!


Ian | Going Places said...

You are really lucky, Ruby. Many travel freaks wants to visit France. The port of Cannes is lovely! Please share more pictures.=)


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