Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gelato in Rome, Italy

It was actually summer season when we visited Rome, Italy last 2010. I mean "we" because I was with a friend from the United States that time. Together we made a tour in Europe and went to the different cities here. I believed Nonna had a great time during  our Europe tour.

It was actually raining in Italy's capital but since it is not so cold, we decided to buy a gelato. What is actually the difference between a gelato and a regular or commercial ice cream? Italians use the word gelato to mean a sweet treat that is served frozen. It is made of milk, cream, sugar and fresh fruits for flavoring. The difference of factory made ice cream compared to gelato is that, the latter has lighter and lower butterfat.

What is your favorite gelato? I love the strawberry flavor. If there is a mango or avocado flavor, I would surely taste it.

A Gelaterie in Rome, Italy. This is where we bought and tasted gelato.


cassandrasminicorner said...

I heard about gelato but have not try yet. Siguro f we can go to Italy someday. I will surely look for this:)


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