Thursday, August 16, 2012

Countdown to the USA

It seems that I am traveling again soon! I am partially done with my itinerary to the United States of America. This will be my second visit to the States and I am quite excited about it. My last visit was last 2008 and I was there for two months. I stayed most of the time in Las Vegas, Nevada, where my sister currently lives.

I guess I need another travel gadget. Yesterday, I was thinking of buying one of the jansports backpacks on sale online. I need one that fits my laptop. I am thinking if I order it today but since weekend is about to come, I believed it won't be delivered on time. If not, I might go to the next city to find one.

The famous Glitter Gulch in Fremont Street experience during my first visit in Las Vegas last 2008. I will surely see it again!
My second visit is half-shorter than the first one. This time, I already made an itinerary and will be visiting more states in the US. 6 days more to go! See you soon USA!


Ian | Going Places said...

I dream of visiting Las Vegas too. It's one of the best places in America. Have a nice trip to USA!


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