Thursday, August 9, 2012

Neumarkt Jura Volksfest

There are a lot of festivals  going on in Bavaria, Germany. Summer time is truly festival time! Sometimes I am confuse which festival to attend first because some are  being held at the same time. One of the very famous  feast in the Oberpfalz or Upper Palatinate part of Bavaria is the Neumarkt Jura Volksfest.  It is an annual festival that takes place every month of August.

The Jura Volksfest has a long tradition in Neumarkt. The first celebration  took place in 1829 and after that, there were festivals that followed in irregular times. Since 1954, the festival was then called the Jura-Volksfest. Now, the festival is visited by over 200,000  locals and visitors. It is an eleven-day celebration. You can experience a truly Bavarian and German culture when visiting festival like this.

Colorful costumes of the participants.

There are a lot of experience during the feast from carnival rides to live bands playing various music, different German and local delicacies and other programs and shows that take place during the festival period.

Participants of the Jura Volksfest Parade last August 2010.
This year's festival takes place from August 10-20, 2012. The highlight of the program is the festival parade that takes place during the first Sunday of the event.



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