Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Souvenir Shop in La Subbetica, Andalusia

After some hours trip with the bus from Granada, we stopped-by in this souvenir shop in La Subbetica. This district is said to have 14 towns in the south of Cordoba province in Spain. We were actually heading to Cordoba city that time.

The souvenir shop we stopped-by was selling souvenirs of all sorts from magnets to ceramics, olive oil, alcohols and spirits and many more. I already know that they are not selling Rocky Patel there. I should want to give it as present for someone who love to smoke. I only bought a bottle of olive oil, some fridge magnet and ceramic souvenirs. I am happy with what I got because they are not really so expensive.

Here are some souvenir items from La Subbetica.

nice hand made ceramics at the souvenir shop in La Subbetica.



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