Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Market in Regensburg

Christmas Markets are mostly over now but  there are still some cities who are having it until the end of December. If I am not mistaken, it is in Jena or Weimar in the state of Thuringia in Germany who is celebrating it until December 29 every  year.

One of the markets I visited this year was in Regensburg. I could still remember  we ate in an Asian  buffet restaurant in this city  and  visited the Christmas market afterwards.  We had a difficult time trying to find a parking lot  for our car.  If there  is only a parking lift available, then it might not be too difficult to find parking for  our car. Finally,  we found a parking space when  one of the car owner's  left.

The Christmas market in Regensburg is unique on its own. We had fun walking around especially looking at all the goods sold in many  booths and stalls. Some of my friends shopped for  Christmas souvenirs  there.

I always love going to the Christmas markets! Next year again! Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year 2013!


Ian | Going Places said...

Nice Christmas Market in Germany... but its also fun here... Have a happy holidays, euroangel... may you have the best Christmas day ever.

Le Randomist said...

I've always wanted to travel in Europe! Looks amazing.

I will, someday. =)

Happy holidays!


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