Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy To Experience the Christmas Market in Birmingham, England

Bear with me when I will be sharing articles of the Christmas markets I visited in Europe. So let  me begin!

I was so happy  experiencing the Christmas Market in Birmingham, England. I had a perfect timing when I visited this city last October-November 2008 because the Christmas market was going that time. Thanks to my friend from England Dae Loy for touring me around including this city.

The Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market is now running for 11 years in this city and became the center of the city's annual Christmas events calendar. Many tourists and locals from all over United Kingdom and Europe visit this famous event during the holiday season.

I enjoyed as well my visit to this city four years ago. I would say it is the highlight of my visit in Birmingham last 2008. I believe many  of you know what you can experience when visiting a Christmas market in Europe.

Here are some information about the 2012 Christmas market in Birmingham.
Venue: Victoria Square, New Street, Centenary Square & Chamberlain Square 
Date: 15th November – 22 December Time: 10am – 9pm

a stall in Victoria Square in Birmingham's Christmas Market.  You can see the embedded date when I visited this event. That was awesome!
Many people can be found walking and  roaming in front of the The Council House, headquarters of Birmingham City Council.



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