Sunday, December 9, 2012

Visit to the Christmas Market in Bamberg, Germany

It was my fifth visit in Bamberg this weekend. We were invited by a friend on her early Christmas party. We already planned to visit Ramstein since October this year,  but due to some unavoidable circumstances like  the change of working schedule of my friend and the weather, we ended up attending this party in Bamberg.

Our second purpose why we went there was to see its famous Christmas market. It was really nice despite the chilly winter weather. It was snowing so hard this afternoon but it did not stopped us and all the people there from going around the areas of the  Christmas markets in Bamberg, Germany.

Another thing why I went there was to look for an exciting gibson les paul melody maker. Sad to say, all the shops were closed on Sundays. There is one more thing I would love to experience in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, to witness the world famous Bamberg Symphony. I hope to experience it in my next visit.

The  Christmas market in Bamberg at the Maxplatz, one of the famous squares  in this city. It was snowing so hard during our visit there this afternoon.
 The Christmas Market in Bamberg is unique in its own. With the music of advent and the Route of Nativity Scenes, are only some of the elements that made Bamberg with a special kind of magic.The Christmas market celebration  in this city started last November 29, 2012 and will last until December 23, 2012.



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