Friday, January 11, 2013

Photos of the Day- Fasching in Germany

It is Fasching time in Germany!  It is also  known  as Karneval, Fastnacht  or Fastnet  and in English it is simply called Carnival.  This festival usually begins each year on 11 November at 11:11 a.m. and finishes on Ash Wednesday with the main festivities happening around Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) which is considered to be the "fifth season of the year".

I had witnessed a lot of carnival celebrations especially in the Bavarian region of Germany. I love especially watching the Festzug or festival parade. There you can find various costumes of the different groups who participates the carnival parade.

During the carnival season, you can also watch various shows and programs on German televisions who are kidding and making fun of politicians.  There are still other activities like dancing, singing  and shouting especially  during the street carnivals.

Cologne, Mainz  and Düsseldorf are some of the  famous cities in Germany that celebrates  carnival.

I took some photographs of the Fasching in Dietfurt, a town in Bavaria, Germany last year.

Ladies are dancing during the Festzug or festival  parade  during the Fasching in Dietfurt.
This group had  unique costumes during the carnival parade.
This group was so funny. I had fun watching them.



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