Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New Bathroom!

Another home improvement was finally done. We are happy that from time to time, we are renovating our little but mortgage-free home in Europe. After some months of renovating our bathroom,  it is finally done. It was a hard work especially for hubby because he did all of the work  during the renovation. I helped him with little things like cleaning after he is done in a day work or handling him materials or tools  he needed and other things in which I can also help him a bit. I only did most of the shopping of the bathroom accessories. I once stumbled looking for bathroom and kitchen faucets at They have a variety of bathroom and kitchen accessories to choose from.

Now, everytime my bestfriend  goes  inside our newly renovated bathroom he is so proud of himself because he truly did a great job on  it. Imagine how much money we save for the labor when he did most of the job? A thousand euros is not enough if we have to calculate all the hours   he worked for it.  The most difficult job he did was dismantling  the old stone walls  and the ceiling. Job very well done! I am also proud of him.

Our project for this year will be the renovation of our kitchen. We planning to start it this coming spring time. For sure, I will do the shopping again of a new kitchen set. I am quite excited!



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