Friday, February 15, 2013

Back as Banker or Stay as a Travel Blogger

Sometimes making decisions in life is not easy. You need to think about it  thousand times especially when it is about your future. I am still  thinking   this week if I will go back to the career world or not. I am giving myself   time to decide until this weekend. Am  I going back to be a banker again or stay as a  blogger?  I miss my job at the bank before and I loved  it. It was challenging and you meet different people from all walks of life. I am not quite sure if you will undergo a  nine panel drug test once hired in a bank here abroad. I will see.

I am loving my simple and  not so stressful  life at the moment. I can travel anytime I want if finances are available. I just remember  this fortune cookie I had after eating from an Asian restaurant that says, "Don't work for others if you can work on your own". This is quite a challenge. 

On the other, if I will practice again my job as a banker and my degree as an Accountant, this might be the chance for me to go back to my career.  I am praying for good signs until this help me God! Any suggestions out there?



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