Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How This Blog Started

I am an expat currently living in Europe.  I love to travel  and see places.  The first blogs  I had was in friendster and bravenet.  Since  friendster  already disappeared, I decided to start a new one in blogspot.  Through the help of good friends,  I acquire more knowledge  in blogging. If you want to start a blog and want to know  how to make a free website online , there are a lot of tutorials you can find in the net.

This blog shares mostly about my travel and adventures in Europe. I am happy to announce that I already visited around 30 countries worldwide and most of it are in Europe. I am still  looking forward of visiting more countries this year when time and finances  allows.

I hope I  have more time  sharing my travel experiences to you.  I felt blessed if I do so.  Have a great one to all!


Ian | Going Places said...

Wow 30 countries.... I hope to do the same too in the future... Hope you explroe the Philippines next.


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