Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fasching, carnival Season is Almost Over in Germany

I was watching a TV program awhile ago  and found out that the famous carnival in Rio de  Janiero in Brazil is almost over as well. It is the same in Germany.  Today is called Faschingsdienstag  or Shrove Tuesday. It means that Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday) is about to come, thus ending the Faschingszeit or carnival time.

I already witnessed a lot of carnival celebrations  in  particularly in Bavaria, Germany. It is not really as big as in Cologne, Mainz or Dusseldorf but they are  all worth-seeing.

Here are some of the images I took in one of the Faschingszug or carnival parade in Bavaria.

A group with their colorful costumes during the carnival parade in Hemau last 2012.
The Dragon during the Chinese Fasching or carnival in  Dietfurt.
Germans wearing Chinese  carnival costumes  in Dietfurt.



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