Friday, February 15, 2013

Travelling Will Never Be Boring With Hopper

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I  remember my first visit in the United States last 2008. That time, I still don't own a tablet or  a smart  phone.   I had an 8 hours stop-over at the airport  in Atlanta, Georgia. my last destination was in Las Vegas that time. I really feel bored during that 8 hours waiting time.  Probably when Hopper was already discovered during that time, I will never get bored while waiting for long hours at the airport.

These days, entertainment of  all kinds are already available anywhere you are. For example Hopper from DISH will already help you get rid of your boredom when travelling. You can watch your favorite TV shows or program  either on a smart phone of tablet without having an internet connection anywhere.  All you need is a Hopper from DISH, a leader in satellite TV. They provide  subscribers with the highest-quality programming and cutting-edge technology designed with consumers in mind, all at the best value. Learn more about the Hopper to know more about their services.

Here are some of the latest amazing features of HOPPER from DISH as of Feb. 11, 2013.

DISH Anywhere™ –  No more missing your favorite shows or movies. With your PC, tablet of smartphone, it will already serve as your portable TV. For Apple and Android services, the DISH Anywhere app and with its online portal at, you can already watched recorded TV shows, programs and movies anytime, aynwhere. The good thing is, DISH Anywhere is included with every DISH subscription at no additional charge.
 Hopper Transfers™ -  Imagine watching your favorite TV shows or movies without an Internet connection when travelling? Yes, you can do it now! Simply transfer your DVR recordings to your iPad with the free Hopper Transfers app before you leave the house and bingo, you can watch and entertain yourself on the road or  while in your flight. It is simply entertaining yourself, anytime and anywhere even without internet connection.
PrimeTime Anytime™ - How  fulfilling it is when you can  record 6 different shows at the same time during primetime giving you three hours of on demand primetime ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC programming available to you for up to 8 days from initial air date? It is only with PrimeTime Anytime!
AutoHop™ -  With the DISH created commercial-free TV, you can already save time because your hated commercials are nowhere to be found. You can skip  commercials in recorded primetime TV on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.  With AutoHop™ on the Hopper™, DISH will provide you ad free TV with this feature.
Whole-Home HD DVR Functionality -  Can you imagine recording a movie in the living room, start watching it in the kitchen  and then finish it in your bedroom? The Hopper™ lets you have full HD DVR functionality on every TV, so you can pause, rewind and record live TV in any room. Such an awesome feature  indeed!

For as low as  $24.99. for  12 months with 24 month commitment, you can already  enjoy watching your favorite shows and  programs on TV wherever you are. No more boring  waiting at th airport.
If you want to get updated with their sales and promotions, feel free to  Follow DISH on Twitter and LIKE DISH on Facebook. It is so easy and you  will always be updated with their current products and services! Have fun with Hopper from DISH!
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