Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trip to Berchtesgaden

I really don't have any idea what that trip would be. I thought we will only visit Berchtesgaden but we also went to a factory store in Salzburg which sells mattresses, bedding accesspries, jackets, blankets, home accessories and other health products.

They had a speaker who gave lecture about health, diet and how their products can help you have a good sleep and  lose weight. That was quite boring especially  if you don't understand German language. When looking at their site online, I landed at the  whole house hepa filter at . That was not a bad landing since I found  some ideas about air purifiers, ionizers and vacuum cleaners. The speaker  also mentioned about vacuum cleaning during that product presentation in Salzburg.

After that, we proceeded to Berchtesgaden for our free lunch at the Hofbrauhaus. And yes, breakfast was also free during that trip. We only paid 5.00 Euros for that trip which is already a good deal.



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