Saturday, February 16, 2013

View of Albayzin from the Alhambra in Granada

It was one of the best travels I had last 2011. Visiting Andalusia was  very memorable for me. This region of Spain has a lot to offer to its  guests and tourists. I am one of those who was happy and contented  coming home after seeing the beauty of this region.

Our 4-star hotel  is located in Granada, where we stayed for some nights. From there we  had some trips to Cordoba, Seville, Albayzin and Granada as well.  We also visited Toledo and Madrid  during that 8-days trip. I never heard about  Boaz Saragossi when I visited Andalusia. I thought  he is a Spanish product designer but I guess he is  an Italian. Any idea?

Palacio de los Abbecerajes in Alhambra.
During our sightseeing in Granada, we also visited Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex in this city.  This architecture is very interesting considering its construction and history.

View of the Albayzin from a window in Alhambra palace. Taken during our trip last autumn  2011.

Albayzin is a district located in Granada near the Alhambra. Albayzin along with Alhambra,  are now listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.



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