Sunday, February 17, 2013

Visit to Riga, the Capital of Latvia

I still can't imagine that a day trip in this big city is not  really enough to see the place. It is not really a day trip but I can say a half-day sightseeing. That was quite a long drive from Klaipeda, Lithuania going to Riga, the capital city of Latvia. We had a bus trip there  and it took us quite a long time to reach  Riga due to many stop-overs  and the  highways and roads are not really good compared to other European countries like in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium or France.

The House of Blackheads in Riga's Town Square.. Taken during our visit last September 2012.
From Klaipeda, we also had a quick sightseeing in the Hills of Crosses near Siauliai.  This is not really a hill but due to the many kinds of crosses and other religious figures there, I  believed, it formed as a hill. Thus, the name Hill of Crosses. That was really  an interesting place.

In short, we arrived in Riga  very late in the afternoon and it was raining. Our tour guide who grew up in Lithuania told the bus driver  the route to go so that  she can partially introduced to us Riga. After almost an hour of going around the city with the bus, we proceeded to our hotel. We had an overnight in Maritim Hotel in Riga. If I am not mistaken this is the biggest convention hotel in the city.

The next morning, we had a sightseeing by foot and probably it only lasted for  around 3 hours. Not really enough to see the whole city.  The most important thing is, I had seen some of its sights. Among the few are  Livu Square, House of Blackheads, Statue of Roland, St. Peter's Church, Museum of the Occupation of Riga (but not inside), Riga Castle, Riga Cathedral and some other more.

That was only a short visit but at least I am happy to be there!

Livu  Square in Riga, Latvia. I was there!



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