Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shopping in Strasbourg, France

The ladies had fun while doing some sightseeing in Strasbourg last year. We had a Christmas Market trip in this city and we truly enjoyed our travel.

The best part of our trip was when everyone was shopping for souvenirs. One friend was asking about ux designer but we did not find it there anywhere. Souvenirs such as hoodies, postcards, fridge magnet, keychains are the common ones that everyone brought home with them.

That was so far a memorable trip especially that we all had a river cruise in Ill. I love Strasbourg!

Christmas market in Strasbourg. This was my second visit in Strasbourg.


Guillaume Speurt said...

Christmas Market in Strasbourg, I think it is the main attraction I missed in France ... It is told to be the largest in Europe, I don't know how it can be because I only know the one of Tallinn, which is really small :D


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