Monday, April 8, 2013

Listening to the Irish Country Music Everyday

Who loves listening to the music of various kinds? I would say  the author of this blog love it. She love to sing and she loves listening to music  of different kinds. When she spent a one week holiday in Ireland, she fell in love with Irish country music. She ended up buying CDs which featured many Irish folk music. When she returned home, she keep on listening to these CDs. She wishes, she an also play music instruments like guitar, violin and piano but she just can't. She also want an alesis sample pad at guitar center if ever she can learn to play a guitar. This is quite interesting learning to play music instruments.

That's all about me and my love to music. I love to sing but I am not really a professional singer. I am only good when singing at home or during gatherings with friends.  Now, I enjoyed listening to the CDs I bought from Ireland and I am playing it everyday. Oh how I  miss Ireland and wish to visit it again in the future!



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