Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To Southeast Europe This Time

Still not done with packing. I am partially done and will have to finish it tonight. I am already charging all my gadgets including my cameras, cellphones and other stuffs I need for my travel to the Balkan part of Europe.

The trip will start tomorrow. This time I am heading to the  Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula, also referred to as Southeast Europe. We will be visiting 4 countries including Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and  Albania. I would 5 countries because we will have a short stop over in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A map of the Balkans or Southeast Europe powered by Google maps.
We will be visiting a lot of sights in these countries including Maribor, Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Budva, Cetinje, Njegusi, Kotor, Krka National Park, Rastoke and many more.

The one you can see in the google map here will be our route to those four countries in the Balkans.

The Balkans 

The term "The Balkans" covers not only those countries which lie within the boundaries of the Balkan Peninsula, but may also include Slovenia and Romania.  Prior to 1991 the whole of Yugoslavia was considered to be part of the Balkans. The term "The Balkans" is sometimes used to describe only the areas in the Balkan peninsula: Moesia, Macedonia, Thrace, Kosovo, Šumadija, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Dalmatia, Thessaly, Epirus, Peloponnese and others, but more often it includes the rest of former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia) and Romania, namely the provinces of: Vojvodina, Slavonia, Banat, Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania, and others. Italy as a totality, is generally accepted as part of Western Europe and the Apennines. The term "the Balkans" was coined by August Zeune in 1808. wikipedia.


Guillaume Speurt said...

Three countries in five days, and also the Balkans! You make me jealous :D Another part I want to see and from your photos it seems nice region.

I wont comment all the last article, but I guess you enjoy Milano, I was there exactly one month after you :) I had sun!

Have you made photos of Dubrovnik? That the one people would like to see, especially of the coast if you have them!

Thanks for keeping looking at my blog,



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