Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Someone Went Shopping in San Remo

Over two years had passed since my visit in San Remo, Italy. I had a good time when I was there with some friends. I can still remember the fun we had especially when we had our lunch in one of the restaurants there.

shopping street in San Remo, Italy.

Who went shopping in San Remo? I did! We went to a shop there who sells shoes, sandals and bags. It was perfect timing because they had a spring sale that time. I ended up buying three pairs of shoes. I also bought a wine opener, cigar cutter, postcards and fridge magnet as souvenirs.

It was so far a wonderful day we had during our visit in San Remo. The sunny weather in this part of Italy added more fun and beauty  during that sightseeing  trip. 



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