Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everyday Mails During our Cruise Trip

I wish I made a snapshot of the daily mails or brochure hang in our cabin door every morning. Sorry folks, I forgot to take one but I guess I took a picture of one of the brochures they were giving us everyday. The cruise chip company we were boarding 4 weeks ago might have their own online catalog printing. In fact, they are also selling photos taken by their professional photographers. For example, before we boarded the ship, they took us some photos and let us choose if we will buy it or not.

When we were at the deck of the ship, we also met one of their videographer and photographer. I found out that they are also selling videos from that cruise.  I just love the photos we  bought from them. It was not so expensive compared to the other photos I bought from my other travels.

Honestly, I am missing that cruise especially the foods! lolz!



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