Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Cool Metal Chair in Keukenhof

I believed many of you have an idea what and where Keukenhof is located. Since gardening is one of my hobby and I love plants and flowers, it has been my dream of visiting the so-called biggest garden in the world and it is Keukenhof. It is also known as the "Garden of Europe". I and my friends had a fun trip in this paradise. We had a walk in some parts of  Keukenhof and found this cool metal chair located near a kiosk selling tulip bulbs.  You will not feel like a royal family when sitting on it and if you  would like to feel like one, you can click  here for royal teak lounge chair.  For sure, you will find one according to your  taste and budget.

We almost had a half-day of  sightseeing in Keukenhof but it is still not enough to see everything. Considering the breaks and picture taking (of course this is always including everytime a visit a place), half-day is just not enough to see and experience the whole garden.

Can you imagine a garden park with an area of 32 hectares? I would love to visit  Keukenhof again in the future. Any body wants to come with me? lolz!



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