Monday, May 13, 2013

The Beautiful Town of Budva, Montenegro

 It is a month now since my  trip to the Balkan Peninsula or Southeast Europe. One of the places we visited was Budva.  It is a coastal in Montenegro and considered to be its centre of tourism.  It is the central part of Montenegrin coast, called "Budvanska Rivijera". It has developed around a small peninsula, on which the old town is situated.
A statue of a lady near our 4 star hotel Avala in Budva, Montenegro. You can also see the Old City of Budva in  the background.

Budva is famous for  its for its diverse nightlife, sandy beaches,  and examples of Mediterranean architecture.

According to our tour guide, Budva is a historical city and is 3,500 years old. No wonder it is considered as  one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic sea coast. There is also a legend  that Jelena, our tour guide explained to us. Here it is;

A legend recounts that Budva was founded by Cadmus the Phoenician, a hero exiled out of Thebes, Greece, finding a shelter in this place for him and his wife, Harmonia. Two other civilizations also left innumerable traces: the Greek and the Roman (then named Butua). Upon the fall of the Roman empire and its division into east and west, the defensive barrier which separated the two powers happened to run across this area, subsequently making a lasting impact on the history and culture of this town. In the Middle Ages, Budva was reigned by a succession of Doclean kings, as well as Serbian and Zetan aristocrats. 

View of Budva as we were on top of the hill on our way  to Cetinje, another city in Montenegro. Our tour guide gave us the chance to step down the bus to have a good view of the breath-taking  scenery and take some pictures.
I believed I am very lucky to visit this town. I traveled with the group of the the most-traveled people in this planet. We stayed in a beautiful 4-star hotel in Avala, located just near the beach. I could say that trip I had in Southeast Europe last month was all worth it considering the many places and countries I experienced.



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