Monday, July 29, 2013

It was Raining in Paris!

Although I already visited Paris twice, I still want to visit again the so-called "City of Lights".  The other day, I received again travel flyers send every now and then by travel  agencies where I booked my previous trips in many places and countries in Europe. I  saw some quite affordable trips including  Paris. I was saddened because there was a bit  conflict with my  trip to Toskana or Tuscany  in September this year. I hope they will send me again  new flyers  offering more trips  to the French capital.

The Eiffel Tower. It was raining in Paris during my second visit last summer 2010.
My first visit in Paris was last winter 2009. I could still remember the cold month of March when I visited Paris. My friend from Ramstein-Miesenbach  in the  region of in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany,  invited us to visit there place.   Since she mentioned that there will be a day-trip from Ramstein to Paris during those days, she said that we can also sign-up for the trip. We decided to drive from Bavaria to their area in  Rhineland-Palatinate to visit them and also to go with that day trip to Paris. In  short, it was my first visit in this city , during a cold winter time!

A statue  on the bridge near the Eiffel Tower.

Last  winter  2010, a friend from Des Moine, Iowa, USA told me that she is planning to visit Europe in summer 2010. She asked me if I can travel with her to some cities in Europe. I did not hesitated to say no to her  because that time, I already saved some money for my 2010 summer travels.   I suggested to her the itinerary  for our Europe tour and one of the capital cities we visited was Paris. We also visited that time Rome, Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam, Folmova in Czech Republic and some cities in Germany including Cologne,  Munich, Passau, Nürnberg and more.

a bridge over  the Seine River in Paris.

It was raining during my second visit in Paris.  The plane where we boarded from Rome  landed safely  in Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris.  From the aiport, we took the train going to our hotel which is located just near Gare Du Nord, a train station in Paris.

I did not expected  the rainy days  during that  high-summer season in Europe. It was August anyway! 
Now I know that you cannot really trust the weather when visiting any cities in Europe. Always bring with your umbrella and rain coats especially if you check  the weather forecast during your visit to a certain city.

Since it was  already my second visit in  Paris, I already have an idea where to tour my friend. We visited most of the famous sights including Eiffel Tower, Arch of Triumph, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, Louvre Museum,  Les  Invalides and more.

Even though I already visited Paris twice, there are still many things I wish to do and experience there. I know for sure, I will come back to Paris again in the future. Rain or shine, snow or cold, I will surely go back there!

I am glad that I was able to tour my friend in Europe. We shared many fun and laughters  during our tour last 2010. It was truly memorable!



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