Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sound and Music in Lake Balaton

I was browsing awhile ago some photo  albums from my previous travels. I was smiling when I saw some pictures of me and my friend when we visited  Lake Balaton. I could still remember when we were walking from the parking lot where our bus parked going to the lake. You can hear music along the way because some stores and restaurants were playing  music on their CD player.

Statue in  Siofok, Lake Balaton during our visit last August 2011.
 On our way back to the parking lot, there was a group of performers who were playing guitars. I am not quite sure if they get their fryette amp at guitar center. I am telling you folks, the music they played were quite entertaining. We stopped for awhile and  listened  to them. I am trying to browse more pictures if I took some photos from these musicians to share to you but sorry guys, I cannot find pictures of them.

Anyway, I will just share an image taken in Lake Balaton during our visit last summer 2011. It was indeed a very enjoyable trip with my friend Jean.



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