Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Travel Confirmation Received from our Trip to Scandinavia

The countdown is about to begin!  The other weekend on July 13, 2013, I finally received our travel confirmation for our trip to Scandinavia. I am quite excited about this trip because  we will be visiting four countries in this region.  Places to be visited in this trip  are  Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm.

My  cruise trip  in Scandinavia boarding Aidabella and visiting  Oslo and Copenhagen last April 30 to May 4, 2013.

I  actually booked this travel last year in November.  That time I received  an offer in one of the travel agencies where I  also booked my trips. It is a combination of cruise and bus trips. I invited some friends to go with me and they decided to do so.  One of my friends invited her sister from Canada to visit  Europe and also decided to go with us.

These cities  that are included in the itinerary are only some of the cities I wish to visit in Scandinavia. I have been to some places and cities in this region including some Baltic ones and I am glad that I booked this trip.  We actually saved 200 Euros because we booked it earlier.  This semi-cruise trip costs almost 800.00 Euros including the bus trip from Bavaria to Rostock (where the cruise trip will commence), overnights in our swimming hotel at the ship,  breakfast, tours and tour guides to these cities and all port fees.  Our one day visit in St. Petersburg, Russia is also visa-free.

This is the advantage of planning and booking our trip earlier, most of the times we can get  cheaper ones.

I believed I need to  slowly finish some offline chores before the trip will begin. One more thing, this is the first I will be celebrating my birthday in a ship. I am  really excited about it. Thanks Goodness for everything especially for all the opportunities to travel to many places and countries. I am hoping  for more travels in the future and also wish for good health always for me, my family, relatives and friends.

Cheers and talk to you soon! Take care everyone!



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