Saturday, January 4, 2014

Window Shopping in Dresden's Altmarkt Galerie

Altmarkt Galerie Dresden.
Christmas market trips were over! I just smile remembering the many trips I did in Europe last holiday season. I am happy because I felt I am  very successful with the many travel achievements I did last 2013. I can't even imagine visiting 23 countries in Europe with its many towns and cities.

Last year, one of the cities I visited was Dresden. It was actually my second visit to this city but I still can't get enough of it. I experienced more sights this time. I am happy to experience their famous Striezelmarkt or Christmas market. During our visit in Dresden, we also went to one of their malls. It is called the Altmarkt Galerie. Known in English as Old Market Gallery, it is located in the interior of the old town , right in the city center of Dresden.   We strolled inside the mall, window shopping for electronics, clothes, winter accessories and more. Since I did not found a hardware store inside, I decided to browse when I returned home from my Dresden trip. I also bought some Christmas presents in the Altmarkt Galerie. We also went to an Asian restaurant inside for lunch. That was a nice day inside the mall.

Inspite of the not-so friendly weather during our visit last December 2013, I still enjoyed my visit because I was geared-out with perfect winter boots, jacket, clothing and winter accessories.

I hope 2014  is starting great to you all! I believed,  I am! I am only positive and hoping for it!



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