Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Remembering the Happy Moments in Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg is a lovely town in the Upper part of Franconia in Bavaria, Germany. I visited this town five times already. My first visit was in 2008. It was followed when a friend live there, whose husband was stationed  in the U.S. Base in this area. Sad to say, they already left last year because they went back to the United States.

Chirstmas market in Bamberg, Germany.
I and a friend visited her for the last time in December 2012. It was holiday season and there was a Christmas market going on during our visit. We actually attended a Christmas party hosted by this good friend in Bamberg. She prepared some foods and we even had an overnight in their house. I cannot forget the happy moments  we had that night inspite of the heavy snow. That was a snowy winter. We did some karaoke singing, cracking jokes with each other, shared the delicious foods and simply had fun and enjoy laughing.

Since nobody knows how to play a musical instrument during that Christmas party, we just enjoyed singing karaoke. Talking about musical instruments, I am wondering if you ever heard about cheap seagull the original s6 acoustic guitar? I believed some of you especially those who love to play the guitar have ideas about this musical instrument. It was indeed a fun night and we also had an exchange of gifts.

The next day, we went to the Christmas market in Bamberg. It was still snowing very hard when we were walking around. We also did a sightseeing around  the town seeing some of its historic sights. That was my last visit in Bamberg and I still hope to visit it again this  summer.

Please be informed that Bamberg's historic city center is a listed UNESCO world heritage site.



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