Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nice to Remember that Luxury Cruise in Scandinavia

It is almost a year now since the luxury cruise we had in Scandinavia. It was so far a fantastic experience joining that holiday. Some of the things I cannot forgot from that trip were the various entertainments we had every night, the foods served on their restaurants and the experience of seeing beautiful cities in Scandinavia including Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Theatrium in Aidabella ship. This is where most of the shows and entertainments are taking place.
 One of my favorite shows at night are the live music including the singing and dancing at the Theatrium. It is in the center of the ship which can be used as a nightclub. For sure you can see some music sheet stands when the singers are performing.

I am missing that cruise so badly because of the very memorable moments I had. The fun, various cuisines I tasted, entertainments and the exciting experiences I had from that cruise holiday were simply priceless. Thanks to a dear friend who joined me during that trip, or else I won't be able to go alone. I am really thankful to her and indeed she is a great travel companion.



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