Thursday, April 2, 2015

Experience the Samba Festival in Coburg

Hey peeps! Happy spring time in Europe! I don't know if we are really having spring season because the weather was not really good the past days with snow-rain. 

I am finally back here for a short update. I know I was gone for centuries due to the many offline chores that I need to do everyday. This is it when you are already working. I wish I have more time to blog these days but during my off days, there are also some tasks waiting at home.

Participants of the parade during Coburg's Samba Festival.

Let me share quickly that visit to this city which is known as "Europe's Capital of Samba." For those who love dancing especially samba, this is a great festival for you to visit.

It was last minute decision when me and a friend visited Coburg to witness this festival. I asked my friend if she is available to join me during that trip. She did not hesitated and replied me with a big "YES"! We took the train when we went there. After two hours of journey we finally reached our destination. The atmosphere was lively in the city even though it was raining in July last year. The people still have the appetite to watch the big samba celebration.

The highlight of the celebration was the parade under the rain. There were live musicians and performers sharing their talents and ability. Music instruments of all kinds were played. I would love to hear the best tuners for les paul and I believed I did during that live bands and dances and performances at the stage in the city center. I really had a lot of fun during that visit.

Coburg is  a beautiful and historic  city. Before 1918, it was one of the capital cities in the duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and the duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.

Aside from witnessing Europe's biggest samba festival, we also took the chance to go sightseeing especially in the Old City witnessing some of  its sights.   I want to visit  Coburg again the future.



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