Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Miss the Entertainment During that Cruise in Scandinavia

It was indeed a luxury cruise and I miss it. I also miss my travel buddies who are in the other side of the planet now. I also miss those times when I can travel anytime and anywhere I want to. I am still hoping that I can still do it in the future. With the current job I have now, I can no longer do the many escapades I did before.

That memorable and luxurious trip with Aidabella last spring 2013.
 That  luxury cruise in Scandinavia was an awesome experience. I did not only have fun but I also had a wonderful time with a friend. She is now back in the United States and I am hoping one day, we can travel together again.

What I also miss are the live entertainments  on board especially  the live bands and the live performances on stage.For sure those singers, guitarists, drummers together  with their musical instruments  use  fender stratocaster tremolo  all the time. One night while watching a live band on board, one thing that touched  me was the song that was performed so beautifully  with that female singer.  It  was one of my favorite songs by Mariah Carey and I can listen to it all the time.

I wish,  I can  suill do another  cruise this year and hoping that it will be in the Caribbean.  Crossing my fingers! Have a wonderful one folks!



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